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Our Products

Tappayoka Product Suite

In the new age of commerce, mobile devices are the torch-bearers paving way for an entirely new business model. m-Commerce is the new mantra to stay ahead and every enterprise is trying to engage their customers through this powerful setup. Cashless transactions, ease, security, reliability and convenience is what consumers are looking forward to through this network. As enterprises mould themselves to cater to the m-Commerce revolution they need new technologies, standards and applications that create a compelling and secure experience for their customers.

Our flagship product Tappayoka is a full-fledged NFC suite that lays the foundation of m-Commerce and retail payment. Tappayoka paves the way for a smart, secure and robust cashless society. With Tappayoka you can experience the convenience and ease of m-Commerce, launch pre-paid programs and customize m-Commerce solutions. The suite can be implemented for both financial and non-financial enterprises. You can ideate, design and launch innovative marketing strategies using Tappayoka’s mobile revolution has already shown us a new phase of commerce but this is just the beginning. The sheer power of innovation and technological advancements are about to reform, revolutionize and restructure our lives. m-Commerce is gathering pace and cashless transactions, prepaid mobiles and m-couponing are just around the corner.

Tappayoka is amongst the first of its kind, prepaid solution that helps you smoothly travel into the new cashless society. With Tappayoka you gift convenience to your customers. By just tapping their devices your customers can now pay bills, purchase tickets, redeem vouchers, send or receive money and do a whole lot of other activities. Tappayoka speeds up the transaction time, improves customer service, secures transactions and eases up commerce.


Gift your customers the convenience of cashless transactions with our Tappayoka Prepaid Solutions.   Read more..

Loyalty & Rewards

Simplify your customer reward program with our unique contactless Couponing solutions.
Read more..

Smart Posters

Let your target audience carry your posters in their pocket with our Smart Posters application.
Read more..

Point of Sale

Double the productivity of your POS with our simple and intuitive tap based interface.
Read more..

Why Zessta ?

At Zessta we take pride in devising solutions that till now have only been on the wish-list of many companies.

With us you will have the advantage of dealing with products which are well ahead of their times, superior in performance and high on deliverables. We believe our strength lies in understanding and adapting any new technology and delivering best-in-class solutions in it.

Check Our Services

Zessta Services

Embrace the future with our services that fit perfectly to your business needs.

Outsourced Product Development

Convert new business idea into a working profitable product using our technical expertise.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Smoothly ride on the new wave of Enterprise Mobility with our robust solutions.

NFC Application Development

Experience the future of commerce with our NFC applications

Predictive Analytics

Unleash the power of your data through our ace predictive analytics techniques.

Our Process

Zessta is a customer-centric organization, we believe in delivering value to customers at every stage of our association. As a part of this philosophy we have adopted the Agile Development Methodology for all our software development. Our software development methodology is tailored to deliver solutions that match business velocity, are high on quality and significantly save time and cost.

At Zessta we follow an iterative method of development so that features are developed incrementally ensuring that the product is in-line with the customer requirement. We also believe in having short working cycles at the end of every sprint so as to eliminate unwanted surprises and unnecessary delays. Along with short working cycles we also have automated testing throughout the lifecycle, enabling regular inspection of the working product as it develops. This helps us make adjustments if necessary and gives our product team an early insight into any quality issues.

As our customers are always a part of the iterative incremental cycles it also helps them identify process or requirement issues early. This makes the development cycle very responsive and adapts to any change requirements easily. Our Agile approach benefits start up companies too in delivering minimum viable products.

Overall our Agile Development Methodology enables faster and high quality code development increases stakeholder participation in software design and development and focuses on automation thereby creating a win-win situation for us and our customers.


Zessta is committed to help you ride on the new wave of IT revolution with quality solutions, uncompromising integrity and professionalism. At the heart of Zessta is a very clear and principled code of conduct which we like to call “Zen Principles”. Our Zen principles encompass our values systems and processes under which we operate.


Zessta has a unique ZEN Service Protocol for their customer that focuses on fast delivery, quality consciousness and extended support. Our Zen Delivery Protocol is an intuitive and fast delivery mechanism that cuts costly iterative cycles, minimizes deployment time and helps you enjoy a hassle-free and quick deployment.


At Zessta we have a unique and personalized support model for each of our customers. Our support model extends continuous improvement programs to our clients along with quick and efficient resolutions to their problems. Our model makes the best use of our collective abilities to service you better and promptly.

Our Technical Expertise

Clients and Partners

About US

We are a high energy IT Specialist Company offering Smart Solutions and Mobile Applications worldwide. Established in 2011, our expertise lies in devising holistic and end-to-end solutions in contemporary technologies including m-Commerce, NFC, Tap and Mobile Technology, Predictive Analytics and Smart solutions. We also offer secure contactless solutions in the field of financial, payment and mobile technology.

From our inception we have been fortunate to have partnered with pioneering start-ups, leading enterprises and some of the world's largest technology brands. Over the last four years we have been able to establish a strong foothold in the Smart solutions space and have devised best in-class solutions for different sectors including healthcare, entertainment, life-sciences, banking and financial services.

Our visionary mobile solutions have helped many organizations to accelerate their enterprise mobility journey. Our flagship product suite Tappayoka is first of its kind full-fledged NFC suite that offers robust and secure m-Commerce solutions. Our NFC suite serves both financial and non- financial institutions.

Using Tappayoka our customers can offer mobile money solutions to their customers. The suite can be customized for different institutions to cater to their specific needs and handle their varied business requirements. Our robust platform can effectively handle multiple transactions in a day in a convenient, safe and secure manner.

Our products are the backbone of the new age of commerce and we are confident that they will go a long way.

Meet the Team

Team Zessta is a focused group of Technology Enthusiasts.


Lead Designer & Founder

Siddhartha is the Founder of Zessta. A hard core technologist Siddhartha’s passion lies in developing innovative and futuristic products in m-Commerce and business rules domain. A visionary with a keen eye on business trends Siddhartha is known for crafting solutions that help organizations gear up with technology to embrace the new age of commerce.

Siddhartha has been instrumental in developing novel enterprise solutions in the financial domain. At his previous startup Siddhartha has led a team of 15 engineers in developing and deploying a flagship topup product. Today Topup is used by over 10 million telecom subscribers and over 50000 telecom agents in Indonesia alone. Siddhartha graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Madras and an MSc in Computing Science from University of Alberta, Canada.

Sai Ramana


Sai Ramana Ramanjana is the Founder of Zessta. He is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy and management of the company. A driven leader Sai is recognized in the Industry for his sharp understanding and acumen for next generation technologies. Sai has donned many different hats in his rich experience of over 11 years.

Prior to founding Zessta, Sai led the operations at a telecom startup. At Venusgeo he was the Sales Head (Asia-Pacific). Sai has also co-founded Segue Solutions where he worked with best international IT brands such as Oracle, Cap-Gemini, ADP, HCL, Oakton and Ness Technologies amongst others. As a SAP BI consultant at LGS, Sai dealt with major clients such as BASF. He started his career as Software Design Engineer at Catalytic, and worked in the financial domain with clients such as Essentis and Sonneborn.

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